35yr old Dad of Two, Husband who loves to take photos for fun from Birmingham, England.

I’ve long had an interest in photography and only really of late, have I started to realise… I’m not getting any younger and need to get on with it!

The idea for the site is to showcase some of my photography, along with being a space I can use to blog about life and all it’s quirks!

In true 80’s game show fashion – this is the quickfire-get to know me-round!

  1. A time I felt special was… The births of my sons
  2. My morning routine… Up bright and early, music on!
  3. My secret hideout… As a kid the back garages up the hanging tree! As an adult, my mind!
  4. If I had a theme song, it would be… Frank Sinatra – I did it my way, or, One for the road!
  5. Board games I liked to play… Mouse Trap & Operation!
  6. One song I can’t stand is… Anything by Queen!
  7. My favorite sound… My boys and wife laughing together
  8. One time when I got in trouble… I painted a tree in tar, thinking the tree would be camouflaged under the cover of darkness! (In my defence I was only 8!)
  9. If I had a time machine, I would… Go back in time to watch the Rat Pack live
  10. The day of the week I look forward to the least…. None, Every days a good day!
  11. If I were a colour, I’d be…. Purple
  12. My most prized possession is…. Family

Every Days A Good Day!