Instagram inspiring businesses

Today, we’re excited to launch the new @instagramforbusiness account as a source of inspiration for the business community

Reading this week’s Instagram business blog, I found the post targeted at inspiring businesses to use Instagram, really interesting. Instagram has slowly (in my opinion) gathered pace in the world of Social Media and boasts some pretty impressive stats to boot. With the announcement in September of 400M+ strong community and 3.5B likes daily – which is just mind blowing – it appears to go from strength to strength.

In fact, only a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have suggested Instagram was mentioned as part of people’s Social Media landscape. Increasingly though, more and more friends and colleagues are seemingly joining the network.

As a keen amateur photographer and social media enthusiast myself, I run – which is only a small account based on sharing the fanstastic images being captured around Birmingham, UK.

However, the Marketing side of my brain is really looking forward to seeing what this account shares with us in coming weeks and months. Not only from a creative aspect but how brands and businesses adopt and utilise Instagram.

It will also be fascinating to see how Instagram position themselves as a platform for businesses to market on. I know it’s not a new thing to be doing, but with the obvious push now to inspire businesses, should mean an influx of businesses clambering to be part of it.

For those interested in this type of stuff, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the @instagramforbusiness account.

The blog post can be found here;

  • Birmingham Instameet (#BrumMeetJan24)
    Birmingham Instameet (#BrumMeetJan24)